Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jackson at 22 months

I am a little behind, again, on his post, but my goal is always to get to it before the next month starts (since that gives me a week), so I am still within my posting goal! So, our little guy is 22 months old now! What is crazy is that on Sunday it will be August 1st, which means his birthday is the next month! Whoa!

It's hard sometimes to think of new things from month to month. Some months seems to be explosions where he is doing lots of new things, and other times I feel like I am just repeating myself month to month. This is one of those months. I can't think of much new that he's doing, just kinda the same old thing. He still has quite a temper......but also has a goofy side...
...and a sweet side.
He loves to make us laugh...
...and cracks himself up in the process!
He's been really into wearing everybody's shoes lately, including his sister's dress up high heels.
In fact, he really wants to do anything his sister is doing, good or bad. He loves to be with her and play with her and do everything she does. He learns so much from her, and as a result, we often have conversations about being a good example these days! He is learning more words every day, and using more words every day. He has started saying "Mommmmmeeeeeeee" to get my attention (it literally takes him 5 seconds to get the whole word out), and has also been signing/saying "help" a lot more (instead of screaming...a skill we've been working on for quite a while). He still grunts for his primary mode of communication, but little by little we are seeing those grunts be replaced with words. I am excited to see how his personality blooms even more as he starts speaking in sentences.

The big news of this month is that he poo-ed in the potty a few days ago! It was pretty much a fluke that he did it, but we were still very excited. He has started telling me when he goes in his diaper, and on this particular day, he told me. When I checked, I could see that he was in the process of going. (Ok, this is kinda gross, and he's gonna be soooo embarrassed one day when he realizes this was on the internet...) So, I took his diaper off and set him up on the potty, and he finished his business in the potty! We were so excited, he got 3 MnMs! (And Kathryn decided she deserved one for being such a good teacher for him...) But, he has yet to go again in the potty, even though we sit him on it occasionally. He has started asking to sit on it more, so I take him as often as he asks (or as often as it's convenient for me...!). I am still not expecting him to be potty trained for a while, but we'll see...I may be pleasantly surprised!

That's about it for Jackson for this month. Check back in next month for his last post as a 1 year old!

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Becky said...

The ones of him in the oversized shoes and cap are like de ja vu of his big sister!