Friday, July 02, 2010

Jackson at 21 months

This month has been a big one for Jackson language-wise. While he still doesn't communicate a ton, he's really grown a lot in his communication abilities. He will now repeat, or try to repeat, almost anything we say. He still uses grunts, pointing, and sign language to communicate a lot, but is using spoken words much more than previously. We are so proud of him! Of course, he still has lots of frustrations with not being able to communicate all the time, and we are working on that! He continues to be such a snuggle bug, that is, when he's not on-the-go moving! He loves to jump, dance, do ballerina moves (i.e., kicking his leg out), and make goofy faces in hopes of getting someone to laugh. He follows directions better and better, and will help with simple chores like putting toys away, emptying the dishwasher, or wiping things off, among others. I am also noticing more pretend play this month as well. He is still mega-attached to his paci and blankets/lovey, and will steal them out of his crib at any given moment. (The rule is that they have to stay in the crib after he wakes up...) He also welcomes room time, since it means he's in his crib and gets to have them. But, just so you don't think he's a "baby", he now tells people "Peace Out" by holding up one finger (can't quite get the second one up) and will "pound it" when asked as well. Finally, Jackson is always ready with a hug for anybody, and gives great kisses too (still mostly "zverberts" on me, though!).

Jackson keeps us smiling every day!

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