Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach # 2-Photo Shoot

Here are the pictures from our token photo shoot. It's getting quite difficult with more little ones, so these are the best we could do! I think I got some good ones, though!

Randy, Lindsay, and Aubrey.Our family.

Big girl!

Silly boy!

Aubrey series.

The Sink boys and their families.


The Creasy's said...

These are beautiful! Aubrey cracks me up!!

The Sinks said...

I know! Aubrey was hilarious with the pictures!!

Brandon and Megan said...

I love these pics. The matching outfits are adorable!

Krisha said...

Absolutley LOVE that Jackson has the plaid yellow and blue and the girls have yellow dresses and all on the beach. I think this is the cutest pix of Jackson ever- hair freshly cut and looks so blonde and his cute collared shirt being all GQ for the pretty girls. :) Loved all the pix and I'm glad KK made it in!! Aubrey looks like a cutie pie!

Randy and Lindsay said...

You're so great with the camera! Glad you got some good ones! We'll be stealing them later!!!!

Cindy Perdue said...

Great pictures. I really missed going with ya'll this year. Maybe I can go again sometime. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE the sweet yellow dresses!!!