Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Lollipops

This post is lovingly dedicated to the Nolls.

Several weeks ago, we were able to spend a few hours at the park with our friends the Nolls, who were passing through town, and the Whiteds. As we were leaving, Noa and Martha gave Kathryn and Jackson a special treat: TootsiePops! We saved them for a few days, and then, on one special summer afternoon day, while playing outside in our makeshift pool and sandbox (see last picture), the kids were able to enjoy their special treat! Enjoy the many pictures I snapped!

"How did the candy get inside of the lollipop?"

Tasting each others' flavors...

"Ok, now here's a taste of mine..."
Sun beauty...

Enjoying his lollipop, but the playing must continue...

Our ghetto setup. We hadn't set up their actual kiddie pool yet, so I just flipped over the lid to the sandbox and filled it with water. It worked, but we're glad to have an actual pool to play in now too!

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