Sunday, March 06, 2011

These Kids...

This girl:-is becoming quite the little mommy, keeping tabs on her little brother and letting me know what he's up to.
-is rhyming words all the time now.
-is continuing to learn to write her letters, and can now write her name all by herself.
-can count to 30 (or more), and to 10 in Spanish.
-tells me all the time how much she loves me.
-thanks me occasionally for doing things like cleaning the bathroom or folding the laundry.
-is very much into wearing dresses and skirts, and loves to accessorize her outfits as well.
-loves green olives stuffed with garlic.
-was in the 70-something percentile for height and 40-something percentile for weight at her 4-year old check-up last week...tall and skinny!

This boy:

-can count to 3, sometimes 4.
-is talking more and more.
-says "thank you" all the time.
-still loves his paci (he now calls it "poppy" or "poppies"), blanket, and lovey.
-sleeps in a big boy bed now (at night).
-has a great sense of humor.
-loves fruits and veggies.
-is working on his colors, but thinks everything is either blue or orange (wonder where he gets that color combo from...?)
-weighs 31 pounds.

These kids:-are sharing a bedroom.
-fight like crazy.
-love to play together too.
-love to wrestle and tickle each other.
-love to play outside.
-are the apple of my eye.

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Annelise & Ethan said...

That is too funny how Kathryn thanks you for odd things. Annelise does the same thing! She is thankful for a new carseat, cleaning the house, etc.