Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sick Days

This is what our house has looked like the past two months, on and off.

Sick days. Deep, dark, sick days. We made it through the month of December (the holidays!) with no major issues, and I kept reading on Facebook how many friends were dealing with sick kids in their homes, so it was no surprise to me when it started. But folks, it's not been stopping... It began Jan. 13th with me coming down with a stomach attack. Two days later Johnny started feeling achy, and came down with the flu. Four days after that I started with the flu. Johnny's family stepped in and took the kids that weekend so they wouldn't be exposed to me, and to help me recover. That Friday, Kathryn threw up at night. She continued to throw up, just at night, for the next several nights. The kids came back home the next Monday afternoon. She had thrown up on the way home, and the next day was pitiful. I took her to the doctor that Tuesday, but we never figured out what it was (we thought it was strep because we found out she had been exposed the previous weekend). By the next day, she was fine. I continued to recover slowly from the flu the rest of that week. That weekend, Kathryn started coughing again, and had a little cold virus that weekend (I assume something she picked up at the dr. office). I started with the cold the Monday following (my resistance was still way low due to the flu, I think). Her cold cleared up in just a couple of days. Mine turned into a sinus infection, and I was miserable for a week and a half, then had about a week afterwards till I was still feeling somewhat normal. Then we had about a week and a half of everyone feeling pretty normal. Whew! But that was all the break we had. Then Kathryn started with the flu. A few days later, Jackson started with it. And that brings us to the pictures above. The poor babies were miserable. Today Jackson's temperature was finally normal all day, so I am hopeful that by this weekend, we will all be over it all and back to being completely normal. And, I'm hoping that this will be the end of a long two-ish months for us. So I apologize for the lack of blogging lately, but I hope you understand why!

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Kristie said...

It's terrible. It is so hard to care for two sick little ones even without adding in being sick yourself and pregnant to boot.

Praying for total healing for y'all.