Thursday, January 27, 2011


Kathryn, while playing at Pump It Up (a play place with tons of inflatables to jump on), breathless: "Mama, I'm losing steam. I need to go get some more!"

Kathryn, a few days after Christmas: "Mama, now how old is baby Jesus?"

Kathryn: "Mama, when are you going to get dressed?"
Me: "After I work out a little bit."
Kathryn: "But you haven't showered yet?"
Me: "No..."
Kathryn: "So then you're still stinky?"

Kathryn came downstairs during naptime: "Mama, I changed my clock, so now it's closer to 3:30, but I don't know what time it is, so can I just stay downstairs and naptime is over?"
Me: "Kathryn, you can change the time on your clock, but you can't change time..."

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