Friday, January 14, 2011

Kathryn's Tea Party

For Kathryn's birthday this year, we had a "friend party" for the first time. (Well, last year she kind of had a "friend party", but that was more just because we had lots of friends around and made cupcakes, and not so much because we planned a party just for her...). So, this year we asked her if she'd like to have a few friends over the weekend after her actual birthday for a tea party, and of course she said "Yes!!!"

So she invited three of her friends from church, got all dressed up, bugged me all week to clean the dining room (and rest of the house) for her party, and enjoyed her special morning with her friends. Here they all are at the table that Kathryn set up all by herself. Here's a picture of the sugar cubes that the girls put in their tea (or ate by the handful...).
Kathryn insisted on serving each guest herself. As you can tell from her face, it's a very serious job.

Kylah and Kathryn.
Serving Jordan's tea.
This is Princess Kathryn (as she deemed herself) with her cupcakes.

That pink icing was super potent. As in, if you got it on your hands, it stained them for hours...!
Kylah enjoying her cupcake.
Camille enjoying her cupcake.
Jordan having a good time!
Besides the actual food portion of the party where the girls enjoyed chocolate chip scones, pink dip with pretzels and apple slices, jelly beans, cupcakes, pink strawberry-kiwi drink, and of course tea, the girls had fun playing in Kathryn's room, decorating foam heart picture frames, and played pin the top on the tea pot.
The "finished" game. (Please don't pay attention to my horrible art work...!)
Then Kathryn opened some presents and enjoyed hanging out with the girls till they left.
Thanks, ladies, for a fun morning celebrating Kathryn's 4th birthday! What a fun tea party with some beautiful little ladies!

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Annelise & Ethan said...

So cute! Looks like Kathryn had a blast! Annelise loved her 4th birthday princess tea party. It was the most fun I have had with her birthday parties too :)