Friday, September 23, 2011

Three Years Old!!!!!!

Our sweet boy turned THREE on Friday!!! Here is a post all.about.him.

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures, taken just minutes after Jackson was born. Can you tell his Daddy was smitten?!?Newborn Jackson, our big boy at 9lbs 4oz!
One big new thing that Jackson has undertaken recently has been preschool! So far he really enjoys it! He's always been a little more cautious than Kathryn about new things so we weren't sure what he'd think about it, but he's done great! I think it helps that his big sister is at the same school and they can walk in together.
This is the morning of his birthday. We got him a mini trampoline for his birthday, because he LOVES to jump! We find him jumping all the time, on the bed, on the couch, etc. So we thought a trampoline may help with that, um, habit. :)

These were also taken Friday morning. A good example of his many faces.
Sweet again.
Trying to listen.
Long eyelashes.
Our boy.
Some other things about our THREE year old:

He can now count to 20! He may miss a number or two in the teens, but one day he started counting and went all the way to 20! Wow! He still doesn't quite know all the alphabet yet, although recognizes several letters, including "J for Jackson". And he is still a little iffy on colors sometimes. However, his favorite colors are always blue and orange (go figure!). Obviously, he loves UVA, and recognizes their logo anywhere. If he sees his UVA shirts, he wants to wear them and asks to go to the football games. He also loves going to baseball games. Again, go figure!

He loves to play ball out in the yard: baseball, golf, soccer. He swings the bat and club left-handed but does everything else right-handed.

He loves to give big, puckered-lip kisses. And only on the lips. He is very sweet and compassionate, and will cry if someone else is upset, especially his big sister. He also loves to snuggle.

He's talking a lot more now too, and will say almost anything, although we don't always understand him. He will often insert "mama" after much of what he says, for instance, "I want one too, mama." And it's a long, drawn out way of saying it ("maaaaamaaaa"). One of the funniest things he says is "WeeWee" for Waverly! The nickname has stuck, and now we often call her WeeWee too! Along with the talking comes more understanding and obedience. He still has his times of throwing tantrums, but he is understanding so much more and with that is coming obedience. We are so thankful to see the Spirit's work in his heart already on that.

Jackson is also really into wrestling. He's started getting into singing, and loves listening to his verses in the car. He loves people. He's potty training and doing so well! We had one week to do it over the summer, and he's done great! We are still working on the #2 part, but hopefully that will come soon! He loves Buzz Lightyear and Cars, although doesn't mind too much of his sister's princess stuff either. :)

Jackson, we love you so much and are so thankful for your life these past three years!!!

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