Thursday, September 08, 2011

Waverly at 4 months!

Today is Waverly's four month birthday! Happy month-day little girl!

This picture is from this morning during her tummy time. She's demonstrating one of her newest skills...sucking on her fist! She brings her hand to her mouth often now, even when she's on her back, and sucks on her hand. We've been working on this in Physical Therapy for some time now, so we are so excited that she's figured it out! Dressed up for church a couple of weeks ago.
She's also got a very pretty UVA dress that she's very proud to wear!
She's been spending time in the Ergo some, and seems to like it really well! She likes to sleep in it when she's all snuggled against me, and I kinda like it too... :) Kathryn is showing what a good mama she is to her babies also!
Waverly got to her first UVA game last weekend! She did really well for such a long day. She wasn't a big fan of the loud noises, but ended up doing really well (even though it was reallly hot!).
Of course, she reps JMU as well! Go Dukes!
Finally, here are some more pics from this morning. Jackson of course had to get in on the action!

Silly face.
Our biggest news for her 4 months is actually from today. She had a swallow study, and did SUPER! She didn't aspirate at all, and now we can start feeding her bottles some! We will have to take it very slowly, so we are going to give her bottles twice a day, and only do about 1/2 ounce, but it's exciting all the same! She chowed down on that bottle, and got so mad when they took it away from her!

Our other really big news is that she now has a MIC-KEY button! We LOVE the button (SO much better than the PEG tube hanging out of her), and she did really well with that surgery. Also, as a result of the button, she is now allowed to take tub baths, which is so nice! She seems to enjoy them and I am so happy to be able to bathe her!

Other news from this past month is that she is no longer swaddled for bedtime. She seemed to be waking up during the night and being agitated about being confined, so I just decided to stop and see what happened. She sleeps on her side with her hands crossed in front of her face (SO cute!). She still has a not-so-sound sleeping time sometime during the wee hours of the morning (3-4a.m.), so at that time I transfer her to her carseat to finish the night sleeping. She seems to like that pretty well and settles back down to sleep well there. During the day she really isn't on any sort of a schedule. She naps when she naps, and she's awake when she's awake. Some days she seems really sleepy, and others she hardly naps at all! We never know what kind of day it will be!

She hasn't been weighed in 3 weeks, so I'm really not sure what her weight is right now (the past few appointments she's had didn't have an infant scale). I will be sure to update her weight when we get a new one next week.

She still loves to "play" with the animals on her toy bar or on the handle that hangs over her carseat. She will smile and coo at them so sweetly. She also smiles at us some now, and will give us little coos and sweet noises. She still loves to be held by anybody who is willing! We are just treasuring these days with her, and count each one as a gift.

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The Crabtrees said...

I had to do a double take on the picture with Jackson and Waverly. Jackson really looks a lot like Nicholas did in that particular picture. Did that hit you too?