Thursday, January 05, 2012

Kathryn at 5 YEARS old!!!

It's hard to believe, but our firstborn is now FIVE!  That's school-aged, ya'll!  What a little lady she has become, too.  We often have joked that she's four-going-on-fourteen (guess we gotta change that saying now!).  See if you can see some of her big-stuff personality show in some of these pictures!

This year she really got into putting out cookies for Santa.  Although she knows "the truth" about Santa, she still made it a big deal to put out cookies for him.

 She is also really into writing notes.  She dictated the note that you see in the above picture.  She talks so fast and says so much it's hard to keep up!  She also loves texting people and sending Facebook messages.  Ah, kids these days...! 

She knows she's beautiful, too.  Can you tell?

 One of the biggest highlights of her past year was becoming a big sister again.  The whole pregnancy (except for the first month), she was very confident that it was a girl, and told people so all the time when they'd ask, even though we waited to find out.  When Waverly was born and we told her the news that she was a girl, she simply said, "I know."  She has taken on the role quite nicely, and loves to do things with and for her little sister.  She is a big help, and will get things for me like diapers, clothes, wipes, and her equipment.  She loves doing basic care for her like washing her face, helping with bath time, putting lotion on her, helping with diaper changes, and giving her meds.  When Waverly is done eating, she'll turn off her feeding pump.  She often entertains her and will "babysit" for me very seriously when asked (like if I have to attend to Jackson for a few minutes). 

 She's very much into accessorizing.  Always in search of the perfect headband, bow, or piece of jewelry, she will sometimes surprise us with her get-ups, as you can see in this picture.  In fact, although I don't have a picture of it, she currently has glitter in her hair that I can't get out.  She used her glitter lipgloss to accent her hair, and it's embedded into her scalp.  Guess it'll be there a while!
 Kathryn has really been into learning lately.  She can write all of her letters, and loves to spell.  She recognizes some basic sight words, and is constantly asking what a word spells, or how to spell something.  She loves to work on her "homework" (workbooks) during naptime.  Her preschool teacher has already told me she is quite ready for kindergarten. 

 Her memory is also incredible.  The things she remembers constantly amazes us.  She will often come up with something that happened over a year ago and hasn't been mentioned since.  It can be quite difficult to keep up with her sometimes! 

She took ballet class this fall.  It was her first "class" ever, and she really enjoyed it.  However, when the time came for the next session, she said she was done and hasn't asked about taking it again since. 
 One big thing that happened for Kathryn this year was starting preschool.  She goes three mornings a week, and LOVES it!  She seems to know every single kid in the whole school, and cracks us up and how much she knows about everyone.  She is obviously very social! 
 Here are a few more pictures of her taking care of her little sister. 

 Kathryn is also very much into her outfits these days.  She loves wearing skirts, and now that it's colder out loves to pick out her tights or leggings to go with them. 

 This year at preschool they did a Christmas play.  Kathryn was chosen to be the angel in the play that announced to the shepherds that Jesus was born.  She was the ONLY child in the whole play that had a speaking part, and she did awesome!  We were so proud of her for saying all four lines so well! 
 We also had fun going to the Nutcracker with her great-aunt and Grandma.  I love being able to do such big-girl things with her now.  She's really fun to hang out with, and I always enjoy one-on-one time with her.  You can tell she feels like such a big girl too. 
We still find her in funny sleeping positions.  When we check on her and Jackson in their room at night, we are never quite sure where we'll find her (in her bed, on the floor, in Jackson's bed, in Waverly's room in the chair, etc.).  One day she got tired and fell asleep downstairs in the chair like this:
This pic was taken today, her actual birthday.  She was very serious about what outfit she picked out, how her hair was done (in a braid with two clips on either side, with a crown on her head).  She's posing with her bear that her Grammy got for her on the day she was born.
Here are a few more things about our girl:

-She will often ask me to remind her of things, as in, "Mom, can you remind me to take my folder to school in the morning?"  or "Remind me when we get home to get my necklace." 
-Her imagination is really growing, and she will tell elaborate stories and dreams. 
-She wears mostly size 5 or 6 now. 
-Her shoe size is 12 or 13.
-She still loves music and will sing along to her songs on the cd or to songs on the radio.  She often surprises me with a new song she knows.
-She often picks out her own clothes for the morning, gets herself dressed, brushes her own hair and teeth, can get herself something to drink and sometimes something to eat (if it's accessible and easy).
-She loves UVA sports.
-She's still a good eater.  Some of her favorite foods are black olives, green olives stuffed with garlic, spaghetti, salad, apples, cheese, broccoli, and of course junk food like chocolate.  She also loves our local frozen yogurt place where you can choose your flavor of yogurt and then add any toppings you want.

Kathryn, we are so proud of the little girl that you have become.  It has been a true delight to be your parents these five years.  You bring so much joy and laughter to our lives.  We are so thankful that God blessed us with you, and pray that you continue to grow in your love and knowledge of Him.  May you be a light for His glory.  We love you!


Kristie said...

5 years old. I can't believe it. She is darling.

La Familia Garcia said...

I love this post and am amazed at what a big girl she has become! And what a sweet sister! SOO reminds me of Alisia as a big sister and ready to be all grown up! She was texting and sending out e-mails at age 4 too!
Miss you and your growing family!