Monday, March 26, 2007

a fun weekend

We had a fun weekend this past weekend up in Harrisonburg, visiting with friends and family. Kathryn got to meet Barb and Stefanie for the first time, as well as the Rogers family, and hang out with her good friend Noa again. She also got lots of time cuddling with everyone, and meeting even more people (too many to list them all!).

Here's Kathryn with Stef!With her Great-Grandmom!
And finally taking a nap with her Grandma after a long weekend!


The Nolls said...

Dear BFF Kathryn,
It was so great to see you this weekend and hang out. You are SO CUTE and I am really jealous of all your hair :) I can't wait til we can play again next time. I love you!
Noa Noll

Katie said...

So precious! =) I hope we're able to see you all when we are in Harrisonburg visiting your parents, Cristen. I can't believe how much Kathryn has grown! =)