Saturday, December 08, 2007

back blog-Thanksgiving

This is a back-blog of our Thanksgiving day/weekend. Before Thanksgiving dinner with Johnny's family, we spent some time outside in the beautiful warm sun raking leaves together. Of course, I mainly just raked a big pile of leaves for Kathryn to play in. She loved being in the middle of the pile, and didn't think she was allowed to move, because she stayed in the middle until we helped her get out.
Later that afternoon, we went to Johnny's parent's house for dinner with the family. This is Kathryn with her cousin Josh. He's technically her 3rd cousin. :)
The Saturday after Thanksgiving was the UVA vs. Va Tech football game in Charlottesville. It was too cold for Kathryn to be out at the game, so we enjoyed watching it at Sal and Virginia's with Aunt KK while the rest of the family froze at the game! We had a great time, and then enjoyed a meal together afterwards. This is Kathryn ready to go after a long day of football. She loves her Uncle Randy!!!

Coming soon....Kathryn's 11 month post!

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Lindsay said...

Love the one with Uncle Randy!!!