Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas day-part 2

After Christmas morning/afternoon at Johnny's parents, we headed up the road to the Harrisonburg area (more specifically, McGaheysville) to spend Christmas evening with my mom's side of the family at my Aunt Darlene's house, a tradition that's been going on for pretty much as long as I can remember! It's not quite as crazy as it was with a dozen (or more) cousins, plus all the aunts and uncles and friends, and various 4-legged critters. But, we still had lots of people around to enjoy the day.

Here's Kathryn with her Great-Grandma, affectionately dubbed "G-G" (Grandma came up with that nickname herself, and I love it!) Kathryn loved being around all the dogs (how many were there? At least 5 I think...), and especially loves my grandma's boxer, Ginger.
Kathryn with her Great-Uncle Dave.

The day after Christmas, we went back to my Aunt Darlene's to spend some more time with family and ride horses. I spent a good bit of my childhood riding, and even though I haven't ridden in quite a while, was able to get right back up and really enjoy it. There is something in my soul that feels at home on a horse! Kathryn got to ride with me too, and she loved it!

My sister Ali. Isn't she beautiful?!?

Kathryn loved hugging the horse! (It kinda looks like she's falling off, but don't worry, I was holding her very tight! She loved reaching down and hugging him!)

Johnny also enjoyed riding, and did a great job! He even trotted like a pro!

Once I got down, Kathryn wanted me to hold her, so I held her while I walked around with Johnny, giving him some pointers.
Our family.

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