Sunday, December 16, 2007

like Madeline....and some new tricks!

I had to show off my outfit that is the same as Madeline', that girl's got good style already! I think I'm gonna like her!
"How big is Kathryn?" "Sooooooooo big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kathryn likes to eat duck, in particular, the head. She'd probably like to go to Beijing....they are known for their good duck.

We were so excited yesterday when Kathryn signed "please" by rubbing her hand on her chest (and sometimes belly, but it's close enough!). We've been working on that sign for quite a while now, and it was so cool to see her finally get it and do it! She's also learned how to point, and now goes around everywhere pointing at everything. It's really funny. It is so cool to see how she learns new things almost every day, now. Each day with a little one is an adventure, from trying a new food (tortelli was last night, and she loooooved it!), to communicating needs, to new physical feats. We sure do love our girl!

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Andrew and Naomi said...

That's one of my favorite outfits! Maybe they can wear it together for a New Year's picture.