Thursday, October 09, 2008

First Bath

Jackson's cord fell off last week (was that early?), so he was ready for his first real tub bath!

As you can see, he wasn't crazy about it at the beginning...
But then he decided that it wasn't all that bad.
And by the end he seemed to even tolerate it (maybe enjoy it?).
The time is flying by!!


Randy and Lindsay said...

I remember helping you with K's baths when she was little on our "Tuesday Night Sink Girl's" nights!!! How crazy is it that now you're bathing #2!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian & Karen said...

He is so cute and getting so big already. Also, is that a nursing band? I love the concept of those. I am totally getting one for when we have our own #2 some day - so much easier to keep track, I have heard. How is nursing going? I hope it is all going great. Praying for you.

Karen :)