Wednesday, November 05, 2008

22 months old!

I started this yesterday but never got around to finishing it. I figured it was time for a Kathryn-only post! :)

Today Kathryn is 22 months old. I can't believe she's only 2 months away from being 2 years old! She is so much fun these days! She still loves to play outside, even when it's quite chilly out. I'm not sure what we'll do about the winter, since she loves to be on the go so much. Here she is in her Big Bird sweater on one of those chilly days, ready to go out!She also loves to help me cook, and any time she even thinks I'm going to cook something, she drags a chair over to the stove or sink to help me.
Here she is "nursing" her baby doll. She doesn't do this very often, actually, but a couple of weeks ago she was really into it. Every time I said Jackson needed to eat, she'd run and grab my nursing cover and get her baby doll to feed her. As you can tell, it's a very serious thing!
She's been really into music lately, as in, her music (you know, music for toddlers sung by kids). Every time we get in the car, she points to the radio and says "Noooo" until we put her music on. (Just so you know, we don't always give in to her; sometimes we tell her sorry, we're listening to our music now.) She loves to sing along, though, and it's so sweet to hear her. She also loves to dance to her music, or anything she hears really. She still loooooves her baby brother, and whenever we ask her for a kiss or a hug, she has to give him one first, then us, then he gets another one last! She loves to give him his paci, put his blanket on, rock his seat when he's fussing, and give him lots of hugs and kisses. She also loves to get under his little play gym with him and look at the toys hanging above. Sometimes she'll play under it by herself...a little regression? :) She's still not talking much; my guess is she has about 18 words or so. However, she'll surprise us all the time with a word when we ask her to say it. But then, she won't say it again. So we know she has the ability, we're just waiting for things to "click" and her to start speaking more. She understands pretty much everything we tell her, though, and is often a big help because of that! She'll put things away, pick things up, get things for us, etc. She's so sweet and loves to help out.

Well, I'm sure there's tons more I can say about her. But that's all the major things that I can think of right now. Can you believe she'll be 2 years old in just 2 months? Wow, time flies...


Brian & Karen said...

She is so cute and growing so big and so fast! I absolutely adore the "nursing" picture. What an awesome gift about how God has equipped us women to be mothers that you are teaching her!

Blessings to you and your sweet family.
Karen ;)

Kelly Via said...

So is so cute in that yellow hoodie. It's crazy to see them grow so fast...and to me it seemed to go even faster when the second one came along.

Rebekah said...

She seems like such a precious little girl! :) I thought it was too cute the other day when we were going into M2M when she wanted to wait for us. :) It really is amazing how fast time goes by!

Kristie said...

Kathryn is as sweet at ever! I love how in the nursing picture she looks like a frazzled out mom nursing for the 50th time that day. :) It sounds to me like she's just saving up all her words until she's ready. She'll probably just start talking in full sentences one day and not stop.

Greg Crabtree said...

Cristen, you talk about time flying as Kathryn nears 2 years old. Your my baby and it was just yesterday when you turned two!! Now you HAVE two!