Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mill Mountain Star

Last week we took a family field trip up to the Mill Mountain Star. We wanted to enjoy the beauty of the fall leaves before they were all gone. And the Star is a perfect place to do so. On our way home, we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We had a great time as a family...we are so blessed!


After I took this picture, she kept posing in front of the star like this for me to take more pictures!Had to get Jackson with the Star too!


The Crabtrees said...

Oh wow, he's growing so fast! Can't get over those sweet chubby cheeks.
And Kathryn, well, I wish I could put her nitey nite and sing to her, like the last time I babysat. Seeing her pictures makes me smile and brings back memories of her mommy at about that age. What a nice thing (the pictures) to gaze at before I go to bed. I hope I get some (a lot) of prints, or better yet, a CD too, of some pictures. Haven't gotten any since around July. Love you all.

Mom and Grandma Crabtree

La Familia Garcia said...

OH wow, this reminds me of our visit. I have our "self-portrait" on our side bar still from then. =) I love yours too!