Monday, November 10, 2008

Dinner tonight

For dinner tonight we had turkey breast (made in the crockpot...yum!), mashed potatoes, and green beans. Trust me, dinner isn't usually like this in our house! :) Anyway, guess what Kathryn finished first, before she barely touched her other food, and was asking for more? Yup, the green beans. I love my girl!


The Crabtrees said...

Sounds very yummy! Miss you! Hoping to get down real soon.


Sarah Rose said...

Yum! We're still working on our store of frozen meals, but when that runs out I have a feeling we'll be using the crock pot more than ever. Have any other great recipes?

Tabitha said...

mmmm... sounds good! And good job, Kathryn, for eating those good for you veggies!