Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas: Part I

I'm finally getting around to writing our Christmas posts. Check back often, as I'll be posting several times in the next day or two!

Before all the festivities began, Kathryn and I did some baking. She, of course, loved helping to make the cookies and decorate them. She took her job very seriously, making sure each cookie got just the right amount of sugar sprinkled on top.

Then we celebrated Christmas Eve at Aunt Cindy's house. We enjoyed a nice dinner together, and of course presents. Kathryn had fun with her Aunt Cindy!

Then on Christmas morning we had some nice time together as a family before heading over to the Sinks (see next post). Kathryn woke up that morning at 5:45a.m.! We have no idea how she knew to wake up so early on Christmas morning, but it ended up being good because we had plenty of time as a family in the morning, and she took a 3.5 hour nap later that day!

Here's Kathryn's special Christmas present: a kitchen set! She loves it, and plays with it every day!Johnny did such a great job putting it together and setting it up with bows and the other presents around it to make it look so special for her. He also set up our stockings. Isn't he great?!?

Kathryn got lots of goldfish crackers, since she loves them so much! We let her eat some, even though it was the morning, as a special treat!Kathryn also got to open Jackson's presents, since he doesn't quite have the hand-eye coordination to do it himself yet. He was fine just to sit and watch.
After exchanging gifts, we had some family time to sit and read the Christmas story in the Bible, and thank God for His gift to us, JESUS! Check back soon for more posts on our Christmas!

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