Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas: Part III

The day after Christmas, we headed up to my parents in Harrisonburg. Every year we gather at Aunt Darlene's farm house for the Goode family Christmas (my mom's side of the family). My mom is one of 8 children, so there are always lots of people around! (I have 13 first cousins on that side.)

This year we decided to do stockings for everyone. Each family had a stocking, and we all got to bring a small gift to put in each one. It was a fun idea! As you can tell, there are lots of stockings for such a big family!
Kathryn, Nick, Willow, and Joey, the younger cousins. (Kathryn is the next generation, though.)
Just some of the family...
Jackson enjoying time with his Grandpa.
This picture needs some explanation. My cousin Diana and I are the oldest cousins (she's older than me by 5 months). So, as the oldest, we would always take it upon ourselves to write and direct a very special Christmas program each year. This year we decided it would be fun to reenact what we used to do, and made our younger cousins/siblings Becky, Brooke (D's sister), David (my brother), and Jackson be in our play. They sang Away in a Manger. Jackson was playing the part of Baby Jesus, and the others were shepherds, or something like that... The funny thing is, they asked no questions of us, we told them they had to be in our play, and they said to just tell them what to do. It was just like it used to be (and I'm not kidding!).
This picture was taken right before we left. It was about 11:00p.m., and Kathryn had been up all day, hence the look on her face. It's a 4 generation picture with my Grandma (mom's mom), my mom, me, and my two kiddos. I sure do love my Grandma...she's very special!

After that, it was on to Christmas at my parent's house. Whew, what a busy, but fun-filled time this Christmas was!

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Kristie said...

You guys DID have a busy Christmas! And is Jackson only 3 months old?!? You are already looking fabuloso!