Sunday, May 24, 2009


What else would you expect after a month-day post but an addendum? Because, like usual, I forgot a few things. The biggest thing is that Jackson is now officially crawling. Yes, as of yesterday, I couldn't say that he was, but today is a new day, and although he's still slow, he is definitely crawling. A few other things I forgot:

-waving. Jackson can now wave hello and bye-bye. Smart boy!
-names. He responds regularly to his name when we call him. He also knows "Daddy", and will look at him when I say it.
-growling. His latest noise is a growl. Further evidence that he is, in fact, part bull dog.

Look for a post all about Kathryn to come soon...!


Amers said...

Yeah, Jackson! Wait to go on the crawling! I can't wait to see you again... who knows how advanced you will be by then

Kristie said...

Crawling!!?! Way to go Jackson! But night waking...yikes. Another sleep regression tends to happen at 8-9 months, so maybe this will work itself out soon. I love the part about him growling! Ellie used to do that too.

Randy and Lindsay said...

Haha...I love that he's a bull dog and I miss those slobbery kisses!!!