Monday, May 04, 2009

Not Me Monday

I have read many funny Not Me Monday blogs (originally on MckMama's blog), and have wanted to write one for quite some time now. Well, friends, here is my chance. Enjoy reading about the things that I have NOT done in the past week...!

I most certainly was NOT doing yard work on a beautiful sunny day instead of playing with my children outside. I was not telling Kathryn to play by herself, with Jackson sitting in the stroller while I was dethatching the yard. And if I was doing that, of course I was being careful so I didn't end up puncturing my ankle. If said ankle did get punctured, I most certainly was up to date on my tetanus shot. And if I wasn't up to date on it, I of course would never have have called my sister in law and asked her to watch the kids for me while I went to the doctor's office to get one. My sister in law who's baby is just a few weeks old... Nope, I wouldn't ever do that!

I also did not have my children out at Chick Fil A the other day too late, infringing on their naptime. If I did have them out that late, they of course were well behaved, and were not screaming as we were walking out the door. And if a certain two year old was on the floor in an all out fit, I would never have actually waved at the many people staring at us. Who would do that?!?

Of course, I try to be well prepared and planned ahead of time. Because of that, I had some chicken thawing today for dinner tonight. So, when Johnny got home, I definitely did not suggest that we go out to eat instead of cooking and eating at home. That would be silly!

And after we got back home, I was a good mom and let Kathryn play outside with the neighbor boy. But I of course would never have allowed her to eat two big bowls full of snack mix (after just having come from dinner!) as well as share a Diet Dr. Pepper with him. And right before bed. No way! And if I did let her do that, it certainly wouldn't have been just to avoid the battle that would have ensued from just telling her she couldn't have the snacks and soda.

Finally, I did not pick up one, much less two, things from our neighbor's trash piles today. I would never have done that, especially with Kathryn in tow. And if I had found something in the neighbor's trash, I would never have actually asked my toddler to carry it back home for me while I pushed Jackson in the stroller. Who would ask their kid to carry the neighbor's trash back to your house so you could use it for your own kids?!? (In case you're wondering, it was a perfectly fine plastic wagon that will work great to hold outside toys...)

Thanks for reading about the many things that I of course did not do!


Kristie said...

Haha!!...I was going to write a Not me this week too, but our computer needed some repairs. :( i'll just have to save it for next week.

I'm glad you didn't puncture your ankle, that sound like it would hurt. (hope you're okay)

Ann said...

That's hilarious.
Maybe "trash-picking" runs in the family. It's amazing the perfectly good stuff that people throw out!
I just snagged a really nice wooden bench for my deck that was in someone's trash!
BTW, are you familiar with Freecycle? It's a way to get rid of those types of things rather than throw them out, and to get stuff. The local groups up here always have tons of kids clothing and toys.
Love to all! Ann

Randy and Lindsay said...

Love it!

La Familia Garcia said...

those are good! not that I can see you doing any of that though!
I love the last one!!...just wait until Kathryn asks you to go through trash again..

Rebekah said...

Cristen - this gave me a great laugh. :) Hope you all are having a fabulous week. We're thoroughly enjoying the diapers you loaned us, btw. Our shipment should arrive tomorrow.

Annelise said...

What an interesting post! I went the original bloggers post (my awesome kids woman) and read her blog for the day too! The things she had to say were CRAZY so you can feel good about yourself :)

The Riggalls said...

Halarious. It sounds like you're a typical Mommy!

Angie said...


I see you read MckMama, too. :)