Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eight Months Old!

Jackson is eight months old today! Since I don't have the most recent pictures on the computer, I thought I would grace you, my blog readers, with a fun video of him instead. This video is actually a few months old, so he's smaller/younger in it, but his laugh is still the same. He is our happy, smiley, laughing, ticklish boy, and we love him so much!

Some other things our big eight month old is doing:
-alllllmost crawling! We can't say he's officially a crawler yet, but he can definitely get himself across a room, given a few minutes. He's working really hard at getting more efficient at it and actually start crawling.
-not sleeping through the night. Yes, you read that right: NOT sleeping... He has started waking up at night, and I've been giving in and feeding him. It all started a few weeks ago when he wasn't nursing well during the day, so I started feeding him during the night, and now he wakes up at least once to eat. :::yawn:::
-first ear infection. He got his first ear infection this month. No fun... :(
-pulling up! Yes, you read that right too. He hasn't gotten up on his feet by himself yet, but he is very close to pulling up on his own. Crazy.
-toothless. Believe it or not, he still has no teeth.
-kisses. He still loves to grab our faces and give the best slobbery kisses. He also likes to bite our faces. Really hard.
-As a result of his ear infection, we have a current weight on him. As of last week, he as 18 pounds 12 ounces. Growing bigger every day!
-eating. Still loves eating his solids. Loves veggies more than fruit, and loves homemade more than commercial. Not a fan of crackers or leaves...both made him gag and throw up!
-nursing. About a month ago I thought he was on his way out with nursing. However, he has picked it up again, and is doing great! He nurses about 4-6 times a day now. He's still very quick and efficient at it, only nursing about 3 minutes per side each time.
-early rising. He usually wakes up between 6 and 7 in the morning, the average time being 6:30. Ugh!

We can't believe 8 months have passed already. We love you Jackson!

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Krisha said...

Cute video. He's always had a lively laugh! I can't believe he's that old!! Now he seems closer to Chase's age than Kathryn! Crazy how a matter of months changes things so much. With as often as he eats, it's a GOOD thing he doesn't have teeth yet!! :)