Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So, we're a couple days late after Father's Day, but hopefully that makes this post stand out a little more! We just wanted to give a shout out to the BEST DAD IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! Kathryn and Jackson love their daddy so much! Every morning, the first word out of Kathryn's mouth is "Daddy", wanting to know where he is, and hoping he's still home. If he's the one to get her up, she doesn't want to let go of him. Jackson lights up every time he walks into the room. And me? Well, it goes without saying that Johnny is THE man of my life! Without further ado, here are some pictures to celebrate Daddy on Father's Day!

Johnny took this picture of his little man. He was proud of him standing so well. He had actually pulled up on the toy basket beside the end table, and cruised his way around the table!Kathryn dressed up really pretty for her daddy on Sunday.
Kathryn had fun with her daddy at the beach in the lazy river.
And she had fun with daddy on the merry-go-round at the beach. (She specifically asked for Johnny to take her on it.)

Finally, a shout out to our own wonderful fathers and grandfathers. We both are so blessed to have wonderful dads, and the kids are blessed to have them as their grandfathers. We love you so much!!

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Cindy Perdue said...

LOVE the pictures!!!!!!
Such precious children. You are truly blessed. I had a blast at the beach with everyone. Hope I can do it again.