Friday, June 12, 2009

Jackson at 8 months

Finally, some pictures! Here are a few I took of Jackson right at 8 months old.

A silly look on his face. Think he's up to something?

Standing up! Now, almost every time we go to get him from his crib, he's standing like this! Actually, he's usually standing at the corner of his crib, right at the door, yelling out of the crack of the door! He's smart! He's also pulling up when he's crawling around, on everything. He has started very slowly cruising, too. Crazy!


Randy and Lindsay said...

I can't wait to spend some time with him at the beach!

La Familia Garcia said...

He's sooo cute! He's loosing his "baby" look...and before you know it he'll be a toddler running around. Especially that pic of him standing in his bed he looks so big!

Brian and Karen said...

How has it been 8 months already? You must be asking yourselves the same thing!!! He is getting so big, so fast! Prayers to you! Hope all is well! :)