Thursday, June 04, 2009

Finally...about Kathryn!

Kathryn is long overdue for a post. She has grown up so much lately, and is so much fun! (And because I don't want to be dishonest or misleading, I have to say that she's also quite a challenge at times, too!) Here are some things that keep us busy.

She loves to "talk walks", which means walk up and down the sidewalk. We'll walk to all the houses that have dogs outside, and visit them. Other times she'll bring her wagon along, like this:

...and she'll collect "treasures" to put in her wagon and show daddy when he gets home.
Kathryn is potty training! My grand plan was to wait until we went to the beach to work on this, so of course a few weeks ago she decided to do it herself. She now pees on the potty pretty consistently, only having accidents if she's busy and forgets (like when she's playing outside). However, pooing is a whole other issue. If anybody has any tips on that, they'd be much appreciated! She has her own little potties, but also likes going on the "big potty" too. I'm sure when she's older, she'll be so glad I posted this picture on the internet...
She's so fun to watch as she plays and pretends. Sometimes she ends up with some crazy get-ups, like this.

How cute is that face?!??
Kathryn also loves all things bubbles. We must have the cleanest yard in the neighborhood because of all the bubbles we blow. Some days, I'm scared I will hyperventilate from all the bubble-blowing I do!
Another fun outfit...
She still loves bathtime!
Showing how she's a big girl sleeping in a big girl bed! It's actually her crib, that converts to a toddler bed. So, it still has crib rails on three sides, and then we put up a bedrail on the other side since she moves around so much in her sleep still. But, she can get herself in and out of her bed by herself, although she's really good about not getting out of bed when she's supposed to be in bed. Now, that doesn't always mean that she's sleeping, but she doesn't get out!
She is talking like crazy, and amazes us every day with her complex sentences and funny comments (see Quotable blogs). She loves to help with Jackson, and is interacting with him more and more. It's so fun to see them play together. Discipline is a constant thing, as she is two years old. But she is really learning and growing in that area, and we can already see God's work in her heart. There is so much more to say about our sweet girl, but I'll have to be better about doing more frequent, smaller blogs, since this one is already getting so long. Be on the lookout for addendums, since they always seem to follow updates on the kids!


Kelly Via said...

She is so adorable!!

Randy and Lindsay said...

Aww Kathryn!! I love how excited she is for the beach!:) It's almost here

Kristie said...

Big potty and big bed?!?way to go Big Girl!! (and of course, just as cute as ever)

Brian and Karen said...

What a beautiful blessing she is. God is so good!!! :)

La Familia Garcia said...

She is soo cute and SO BIG!
I love her big girl smile! I bet it's a big blessing she can play by herself longer now too!

Sarah Rose said...

I've wanted to ask you... are you still cloth diapering? I mean, obviously you're potty training your sweet big girl, but did you carry out cloth diapering two? Michael has given me the go ahead to take the plunge if it's what I want to do... would you be willing to "school" me in what you did?

David Crabtree said...

The shirtless, gloves, hat, and pj-pants outfit is pretty sweet. This girl knows style! I also love her toddler smile...enjoy it while you can!

Kathryn, I hope to see you soon...I had so much fun playing with you the other day. You're growing up so much and talking like crazy!

David said...

re: the pooing -- our pediatrician had two great words of advice:

1) don't push it -- everyone potty trains eventually. don't be concerned until a month or two before kindergarten.

2) liberal usage of benefiber so that when she's ready, she's ready.