Wednesday, August 26, 2009

11 months old!

That's right, next month Jackson will turn ONE! He turned 11 months old this past Sunday. Here's the latest on our little boy...

We took a trip last weekend to visit our friends the Jordans. They live on the Eastern Shore, so we visited the beach while we were there. Jackson decided to eat handfuls of sand. Yes, handfuls. Despite this first picture, he loved it...

In case you were wondering, yes, his diaper was very gritty the next day (if you know what I mean). In fact, there may have even been some seaweed in there...
He's gotten into climbing lately. Last week, I decided to take the cushions off the couch to vacuum it (don't worry, it doesn't happen often...). I turned around, and found him sitting on the couch. I had made it just the right size to climb on.

Here's another thing just his size that he's decided he should climb on. Yes, my hands are very full these days...!

Some other things he's up to:

-Still puts his hands together to pray. It's simply adorable!
-Still a cuddly boy, especially with his mama. But, only at certain times (just before/after bed).
-Still wakes up at 6:00-6:30 every.single.morning. Yes, I have my hands full!
-Goes to bed around 7:30 or 8:00 (unless we're out later).
-Still naps twice a day (sometimes has a third nap if the second one was early/short).
-Nurses about 3 times a day. Every once in a while he'll only nurse twice in a day, and sometimes he ups it to four times.
-Has THREE teeth now! I just noticed the third one (a top one) coming through on Monday. Yes, it's causing him some grief!
-Will raise his hands over his head when we say, "How big is Jackson???"
-Blows kisses.
-LOVES to laugh at his sister and play with her. When he hears her wake up in the morning (since he's already been up for hours), he gets so excited and starts making noises (like he's calling her) and waving his arms and kicking his legs.
-Loves to be chased. Yes, I have my hands full!
-Crawls really fast! Yes, I have my hands full!
-Walks when we hold his hands.
-Loves to play peek-a-boo (will hold a blanket over his head, then pull it down really fast).
-Wiggles and cries to get down all the time. Yes, I have my hands full!
-Still loves to crawl up the stairs, and moves the gate to the side often to "escape" up the stairs. Yes, I have my hands full!

Jackson's next month post will be the big one. The big One. Can you believe it?!?


Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

Sheesh sounds like you have your hands full!

Krisha said...

No, I can't believe it! But I did have a feeling from knowing Kathryn and from my disbelief of how strong Jackson was even from the beginning of holding his head up earlier than any kid I know... yeah, you have your hands full!! Your cup runneth over and runneth fast!

Randy and Lindsay said...

I love that little man!!!!!

carlymay said...

WOW I can NOT believe that he's gonna be 1!!! You must have your hands FULL!! :)

Kristie said...

No! I can't belive he's almost one! Your little scamp keeps you hopping it seems. :) I keep wondering if Abram will be more of a climber and just more of a BOY (go figure) than Ellie...he's much stronger than I remember her being.

Cindy Perdue said...

He did not seem to mind the taste of the sand. He is so adventurous. Love the pcitures. Love to all.