Monday, August 31, 2009


When talking about the mosquito that was just on her:
Me: Kathryn, you might have a little mosquito bite in a little bit, because I think he bit you before I got him off.
Kathryn: Yeah, but it might just be a little pinky bite. (Spoken while holding up her pinky finger to demonstrate the size of the bite.)

Kathryn: Mommy, I can run bery bery bery faster in my new tennis shoes! (bery=very)

Kathryn: Mommy, we don't go on 10th street, the busy street. (After I told her the name of the busy street was 10th street one time, days ago! Great memory!!)

Finally, in response to almost everything I've said today:
Mommy, WHY???

And so a new era has begun...

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Brooke said...

Very funny! I'm sure we have that wonderful "why?" phase coming soon...