Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Jackson at 10 months

Yes, so Jackson was 10 months old two weeks ago, and I'm finally just now getting around to his 10 month post. Sorry...he's the second child, what can I say? But just because he's the second doesn't mean we don't absolutely love him, because we do! It's hard to believe that next month he'll turn one! Where does the time go? Anyway, enjoy lots of pictures and random tidbits about our ten-month-old:

Jackson remains a super happy kid. He still laughs all the time, often at nothing in particular. He's bound to have a great sense of humor!
Anytime I am standing anywhere for even a moment, he crawls over to me and pulls up on my legs to be held.
And when I don't pick him up, this is what happens...

The funny thing is, as soon as he's being held, he's squirming to get back down to the floor. I honestly can't wait until he can walk, so that we can put him down more often (for instance, when we're out somewhere).

He loves playing outside, and crawls around everywhere. He's never minded the grass like many babies do. It even breaks him out a little, but he never seems to be bothered by it, so we let him go at it. Of course, the mulch is a big attraction...
...and it tastes pretty good too!
When he gets to the pavement, he often crawls like this. It's pretty funny, and also pretty smart. The poor kid's knees are so calloused and bruised from just regular crawling, so I guess the pavement it just a little too much.

Here's a close up of his pavement-crawl.
He has just recently discovered the stairs. He can crawl all the way up them (all 15!) by himself (with us walking right behind, of course). So, we had to bring out the baby gate. However, as you are about to see, it doesn't do much good...
Yup, he just slides it right over and proceeds up the stairs. :::::sigh:::: There he goes...!
Can you tell he's proud of himself?
Sometimes it doesn't work out so well to pull the gate, though.

In fact, it's very sad and frustrating.
This month Jackson started his first signs too (well, besides waving bye-bye). He now signs "more". He also started folding his hands when we pray before eating. The only thing is, I'm not sure if he's really do it to pray, or if he's signing more. Either way, it's cute!

A few weeks ago, Johnny made the comment to me that he thinks Jackson gets into more mischief than Kathryn did at his age. I just laughed and said, "Oh honey, I think you're just forgetting what it was like." However, I have since changed my mind, and agree with him. Here are two very minor examples of what he likes to get into...
He still loves to eat, but not like Kathryn did as a baby.
Some of his favorite foods are: avocados, bread, yogurt, crackers, goldfish, and Cheerios. He still nurses three times a day, which is super for us! I've tried to give him formula a couple of times, to which he gags and spits it out!
Some other random facts:
-He says "Ohhhh" a lot, often mimicking one of us.
-He loves to wave to people.
-He loves animals and will put his hands out toward them and grunt whenever he sees one.
-He still pulls up on things all the time, and is getting better at walking with us when we hold his hands.
-He gets upset if he sees someone eating, because he wants a bite too.
-He is still getting up around 6:00 in the morning. He'll usually nurse at that time, and then [hopefully] go right back down for another 30-60 minutes before being up for the day. Then he'll take one morning nap and one afternoon nap. The times of his naps vary greatly! Sometimes, he'll still take a third late afternoon nap if he has a short first afternoon nap that ends early.
-He just started crying occasionally if someone else takes him away from me.
-He is a mama's boy! He comes up to me all the time to lay his head on me, give me kisses, give me zverberts, etc.
-His primary love language continues to be zverberts, and we think it's hilarious.
-His new favorite game is chase. He loves to be chased, especially by Kathryn when I'm carrying him up the stairs.
-We are starting to do some hardcore teaching on the word "no". He seems to be understanding it and will occasionally obey. He's really good at coming to us when we call him.
-He's started "dancing" (bouncing) and waving his arms to music that he likes.


La Familia Garcia said...

Looks like you don't get to see much more than the back of him as he sure stays busy!

La Familia Garcia said...

Looks like you don't get to see much more than the back of him as he sure stays busy!

The Riggalls said...

Cute. Things to look forward to with Abbie. She'll be nine months on Sat. and does some of those things, but has got a long way to go on most of what Jackson is doing. Way to go, Mom. You're doing a great job.

Rebecca said...

He looks so old in that first picture!