Sunday, May 04, 2008

16 months old!

So, I keep wondering when I will stop doing Kathryn's "month" birthday posts, but it seems like she's still changing so much month to month that I want to keep you updated! So, even though it's a day early, here is what Kathryn is up to lately.

Getting into things. She particularly likes to sneak in the bathroom and get the toilet paper. This particular time we didn't catch her until late in the act, and instead of getting frustrated, we grabbed the camera!

Notice the long line of toilet paper going from the bathroom, through the kitchen, and into the dining room...
Playing with her baby doll. She doesn't really play with it much, to be honest. It's usually just when I hand it to her. But she's learning, and will walk around with it for a minute or so, and hug it tight and rock it and say "Shhh..." She's also known to say "Shhh" when we're out in public and she hears a baby crying!

Climbing into baskets... She loves climbing into any basket she can, especially this one in the bathroom.

Carrying her purse around. It's one of the only glimpses we get of her being ever so slightly girly.

Getting into stuff, again. She likes to empty some of the drawers in the kitchen and play with the gadgets. Here she is brushing her hair with the basting brush.

Facing forward in the car. She likes being able to look out the window, although now gets really frustrated when she sees us eating or drinking something.

She is also displaying more toddler-like behaviors. She is known to throw tantrums over simply hearing the word "no". On the other hand, she shakes her head "no" many times a day, even when she means yes. I think it's just to be able to say no. Discipline is in full swing in our house these days, and it's HARD! She's a ton of fun, though, and continues to love to be outside. She loves to collect things in her bucket, dig with her rake and shovel, sweep with her broom, and walk around barking in hopes of seeing a dog and waving at anybody who passes. She also is always on the lookout for birds and airplanes, both of which she loves. As far as vocabulary, she's doing really good at saying "yes" when prompted, and "please" now too. Some new signs she has are: daddy, mommy, again, help, amen. I'm sure, as always, I'm missing a ton, but this post would be even longer than it is now, so I'll stop there. Thanks for checking in with our family and following us in this adventure!

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Lindsay said...

Love that she likes to sit in baskets! She's so funny! :) Have a great week!!!