Friday, May 02, 2008


So, we all know that Johnny loves food and will go to great lengths for good food (Kathryn takes after her daddy in this way!). Well, we had a new Chick-Fil-A open here in Roanoke on Thursday morning, and somehow Johnny found out about their First 100 program, in which the first 100 people in line as the doors open get a free combo meal every week for one year! Well, he jumped on that, got Andrew on board, and camped out for 24 hours to get his free food! It was lots of fun, for the guys and for us as we were able to go visit him and hang out for several hours. We only wish this existed when we were in college! Enjoy the pictures of his adventure. Also, I'll put some links at the bottom where you can see and hear some of his interviews (somehow every tv station here chose him to interview...yeah, he's one of those guys!).

Here's their campsite. Notice the game of Settlers they had going.
Everybody camping out and hanging out.

Some friends we met from JMU. They had fun playing with Kathryn (and Kathryn had fun with them!).

JMU peeps, remember Peter who played in Buckledown? This is his brother!

Playing with Naomi.
The "herd" line waiting to get dinner. They herd everyone up in order of their numbers, and then walk them through the drivethru for dinner. Naomi and I signed up as alternates, so we got some dinner too! :)

Hugs before leaving for the evening.

Numbers 39 and 40, out of the First 100. Way to go guys!

To see the videos of him on the local news here, follow these links:

On WDBJ 7 (go to the videos at the right, then scroll through until you see the one for Chick-Fil-A).

On WSLS 10.

On Public Radio.


Kay Kay said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. I like Chic-A-Filet. Any coupons there for aunts?

Lindsay said...

How cool is that! Johnny, your famous...and I liked the skip you did too!

La Familia Garcia said...

That is too funny and shows how crazy your husband really is! Thanks for sharing