Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother-Daughter Banquet

Last Saturday I had the awesome opportunity to go to a Mother-Daughter Banquet at my mom's church in Harrisonburg. Ali and I both got to go, so it was a neat time to hang out as mother and daughters, and fun to get dressed up and have a nice meal and a fun time.

Sisters! Can you believe she's almost as tall as I am?

Ali with her puppy, Rosie.

Mother and daughter. I love my momma!

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The Crabtrees said...

I do notice that Ali was standing on her tip toes in that picture! I asked Ali and she remembered, said yep, and smiled. Did you notice it in the picture as well? But she IS getting very tall. Her pediatrician thought she was going to be a shrimp all her life. She was so puny for so long! She fooled us all!