Friday, July 25, 2008

and a few more!

A few more pictures from the beach...before we head out again to our third and last beach vacation for the summer!

Nick and Joey in the hot tub.
All the cousins. This is a classic pose we've been doing since we were very little!

Crab feast! One of the Goode family traditions is to eat steamed crabs, pretty much whenever we get together (not necessarily just at the beach). So, on our last night, we got two bushels and went for it!

If you've never had steamed crabs, you're missing out. (And no, crab legs are not the same as steamed crabs!)

Kathryn in the car on the way home. Can you tell she was tired of riding in the car?


La Familia Garcia said...

I guess steamed crabs taste better with beer. I'll have to remember that. =) have fun on your 3RD beach vacation!....nice....i'm trying to contain myself!

La Familia Garcia said...

ok...i can't...
that's stinkin' NOT FAIR! =)
Love you guys.