Monday, July 21, 2008

More beach!

This was a great idea, filling up the raft with water to make a little pool for Kathryn.
We drove down to the beach, and kind of had a tailgate each day!

This was where Kathryn a closet in the bathroom. Yup, her view whenever she woke up was the toilet (and the shower behind that). We kind of felt bad about it, but it worked well!

Kathryn playing in the pool with my cousin Diana. She had lots of fun with DD! Diana's gonna be such a great mom, and we can't wait to meet our new little cousin, hopefully soon!

Chillin' at the beach with Daddy!


Wes and Diana said...

Oh, the pic of Kathryn and I is cute. I don't remember you taking that one ;) Great beach pics. Enjoy beach trip 3 next week!

La Familia Garcia said...

Wow the closet! That house looks big enough to have Kathryn's little playpen somewhere in there! ;) Glad you were able to enjoy despite other circumstances!