Monday, July 21, 2008

Goode vacation

Yay, the pictures loaded!

Here's the "road" to the beach house. We stayed about 9 miles down the four-wheel-drive beach...quite an experience!
Here's the huge house, that held all 27 of us!

The siblings. These are 6 of the 8 siblings of my mom, in order of age. My mom and Aunt Sandy are missing.

The cousins, plus 3 spouses. This isn't quite all of the cousins, either. We have a big family!

The beach. This is what we do on the Goode family side of vacation...go to the beach all day long. I was kinda bummed that I couldn't really play in the water like I usually do (boogie boarding doesn't work well with pregnancy), but it was fun to go and hang out!

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The Crabtrees said...

Darn! How I wish we would have taken that sibling picture sooner while I was still there! I WAS there, for about 24 hours till I had my dramatic exit via Norfolk's Nightingale. A vacation I guess I won't forget for a long time, but I'm hoping for something better next year! ;-)

Love ya. The pics are great (except the one I am missing from)