Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Beach #3-the babies

Kathryn had a great time at the beach with all the babies. She was the oldest of 5! We were so excited to be able to meet the two newest members of the clan as well, Caedmon and Chase.

Kathryn got lots of practice being gentle with baby Chase.

We tried to gather all the kids together for a picture. It ended up in chaos with all of the babies crying, and all the mommies laughing!

Kathryn hugging on baby Caedmon.
Sleeping Chase.


Kathryn liked playing with Chase in his activity gym.


Cindy Perdue said...

Kathryn is such a big girl. Looks like she got alot of practice with the babies, getting ready for the arrival of her little brother.

Lindsay said...

They are all so cute!!!!!!!!!!

I think Kathryn is going to be such a GREAT big sister! :)