Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jackson at 17 months

Jackson is 17 months old! One more month and he'll be a year-and-a-half old, can you believe?

These days he still enjoys getting into things, like his toy box... Also, he likes eating his toys... (yes, he swallowed the chunk he took out of this. I hope it's not too toxic. It was a while ago and he still seems ok...)
He loves his blankie and lovey! He will carry them around like Linus, and will lay down on them on the floor. They, combined with his paci, are like a baby drug!
So sweet...!
And again...
Being silly!
And again...!
Taking a break to read! This kid loves to read books, and will bring me books all the time! I love it because he will bring me a book then turn around and plop down on my lap for me to read it. He hardly ever sits through a whole book, but he likes the idea of it, at least. He's also gotten to where he'll look at books by himself, which is nice!
Some other random facts:

Signs: He is using his signs very well now, including (some of these are old) more, please, all done, eat, bath, thank you, nodding yes, shaking head no.
Spoken: He still doesn't talk a whole lot, but grunts and points all the time (apparently like his daddy used to do!). But, some of the words he does say are: daddy, no, whoa, wow, woof, moo (kinda), and LOTS of jabbering!
Activities: eating, reading books, dancing, "talking" on the phone, climbing on chairs, climbing on anything, getting into things he shouldn't, sitting on the potty (kinda scared), participating in some crafts (coloring, play-do) for short periods of time before trying to eat it, scavenging food off of the floor, and getting into anything and everything he knows he shouldn't (including turning the tv or dvd player on and off, turning on/off fans, climbing on the table, getting the phone and pushing the buttons, pulling things out of drawers, sneaking his sister's food and drink, pushing buttons on the computer, etc.).
Physically: he still only has 6 teeth and 1 molar, but is cutting his other 3 molars, so by the end of the month those should be in completely. They have broken through the gums, but aren't completely through yet. He can run, tries to jump (but can't quite get both feet of the floor!), spins in circles, puts his hands/head on the floor while standing to look backwards through his legs, sticks his tongue out all the time, screams at the top of his lungs (we are addressing this and hope to make progress in this area soon!!!), is recovering from a double ear infection, and still laughs all the time! He's got a great sense of humor!

Jackson, we love you, Buddy!


Randy and Lindsay said...

Super cute!! I can't believe he is almost a year and a half!!!! Where does the time go! We love you to J-man!

Annelise & Ethan said...

Jackson sounds like Ethan with the scavenging for food. Maybe every little toddler boy likes to look for lost cheerios or other bites of food left behind. I don't remember Annelise doing this all the time!

Sarah Rose said...

I am particularly loving the Chick-fil-A Berenstain Bears book! He is such a cutie...

The Riggalls said...

He is a cutie! Your post sounds all too familiar. A lot of it (except for what he can do physically) sounds like where Abbie is. They do grow up awfully fast, don't they?