Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little more about Jackson

As always, a few things I forgot to add...

He can also sign "bath" and "again".
He says "shhhh", with his finger on his nose, whenever we tell him to be quiet or if he thinks Kathryn is sleeping (sees her door closed). It's super cute!
He's also doing really well with little chores around the house. He follows directions well (when he wants to!). In particular, he helps with cleaning up his toys/books, putting his dirty clothes in the hamper, putting things on the table at dinnertime (like the tub of butter), throwing things away (although we have to watch and make sure he doesn't also put other things in the trashcan!), and putting his shoes away. There's something so cute about seeing such a little one take part in the household!
We've also begun sitting him on the potty, usually just before bath time (when we're already in the bathroom and he's naked), just to practice. He will now point to the potty and grunt (his primary form of communication) to remind us, although he's not too thrilled with actually doing it (I think he's a little bit scared!).

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