Thursday, February 11, 2010

A special sweater

When I was pregnant with Kathryn, I was so loved with several baby showers. A dear friend, Susan, gave Kathryn a very special sweater from Peru. It was obviously for her when she was bigger, but holding it up at that shower, before she was even born, I was sure it would be forever before she could wear it. Well, you guessed it, all too quickly it fits her perfectly, and I think she is quite cute in it! It's pretty clear she thinks she's something special in it as well!

She loves to hear the story about how we got it as a present when she was still a tiny little baby in my tummy. How sweet (and a little sad!) that she has grown up so fast!

And while we're on the subject (of Kathryn), I thought I'd mention a few fun things about her (just to remember). She is really into reading books right now, and will spend a lot of time just reading and reading to herself, or anyone who will listen. She also loves being read to, and is always asking us to read more books to her. She's also really into crafts, whether just coloring, to finger painting, to cutting and gluing, to playdough, etc. She's also really into playing mama. Her babies are very real to them, and she will change their clothes, change their diapers, feed them, rock them, put them down for naps (the same exact way we put her down!), and carry them around all the time. It's only on certain days, though. She'll go several days without paying them any attention, and then on random days her entire day is consumed with the baby. She also walks around with the phone to her ear, talking to people, just like a mama. I mean, like the mamas she sees on tv, or something like that. Not just like this mama. Surely not.... :) She's also really into watching CavMan on YouTube with Johnny. Yes, we have her brainwashed. Dancing is also a favorite pasttime of hers, especially dancing like a ballerina. So cute! Her singing is getting even better and better, too. She amazes me by how many songs she knows! She has been such a joy for us recently. We have so much fun together, and really love this age!


Becky Swann said...

She is getting so big! I can't wait until Ellen can actually sing, so fun to hear all that she is up to!

The Riggalls said...

Yes, it is a fun age and have a lot of fun with my almost 3yr old too! But i'm really looking forward to MY little girl, playing all those wonderful girl games as well.

La Familia Garcia said...

Oh I remember you getting that sweater and we all thought it would be forever before she got to use it! I can't believe you still knew where it was! haha. It's funny how she likes that story of when she was "little"