Sunday, March 25, 2012


Waverly was able to come home yesterday!  She woke up in the hospital more herself, talkative and alert.  And she did well when they turned her oxygen down to 1 liter, and her respirations were decreased, so they let us go home even though she was still on some oxygen.  
She will continue on oxygen as needed, but we will try to wean her off of it as she tolerates it.  She is also on Augmentin (antibiotic) for her ear infections (both ears!), prednisone, albuterol nebulizer treatments, chest physical therapy, as well as her normal regimen of medicines and therapies.  Her lungs sound much better although are a bit crackly and wheezy still.  

Can you tell she's happy to be home? 

 Here are all her machines set up last night.  What a mess of machines and cords!  (Yes, the o2 sat says 88.  We were adjusting her settings for the night!) 

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