Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some hospital pics

Please excuse the poor quality of these pics.  They were all taken on my phone, but were too cute not to share.  Some pics from the hospital.

Big sister missed her little sister!  So excited to come visit and hold her!

A smile despite feeling so poorly.  We haven't seen smiles in a few days now.

One crazy thing about being in the hospital was that we were able to share our room with Ryan, the only other kid in the state with Miller-Dieker like Waverly (as far as we know, they are the only two!).  A couple days after we had been there, Julia texted me that Ryan was feeling poorly and they were bringing him to the ER.  I did a little arranging, and we were able to be roommates!  The chances of that happening are crazy, but we were both thankful to make the most of a bad situation (being in the hospital with sick kiddos) and spend the time together.  We quickly realized that we were sisters separated at birth, and the time passed so much more quickly to be there with each other.  It truly was a blessing getting to know each other better and spend time with each others' kiddos.  Ryan was able to go home on the same day as Waverly too!

Sigh.  It's so hard being sick...
 Waverly showing off her penguin mask.  A couple of times the nasal cannula wasn't delivering enough oxygen, so they put this tiny, cute little mask on her. 
 Waverly had many visitors while we were there.  I didn't get a picture of most of them, but here she is having some snuggle time with her Granddaddy. 

Another penguin mask shot. 

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