Monday, March 19, 2012

Sick Baby

Well, we made it to March without any major sickness, so we are super thankful for that!  But, Waverly finally succumbed and caught a virus that my three year old had with a high fever and cough, and her little body just couldn't fight it as well.  On Friday we started noticing her coughing and sneezing, but then Saturday during the day she seemed fine.  By Saturday evening she had started again, and when I checked her o2 sats, they were a little low (in the 80s), so I went ahead and put her on oxygen for the first time at home.  Her sats improved at just 1/2 liter of oxygen.  However, later that evening, she had a big seizure, stopped breathing and turned blue.  It happened as her temperature was about 100.3.  We treated with Motrin.  We went ahead and kept her on oxygen at 1-1.5 liters all throughout the night, and took shifts sitting up with her.  By Sunday morning, she was still feeling poorly.  She had another big seizure where she stopped breathing, so we took her to the doctor who sent her on to the hospital. 
On Saturday night.
On Sunday afternoon, she had another huge seizure here at the hospital, and stopped breathing for a little too long.  She was blue all the way to her feet!  I paged the nurse when it started, and within an instant she had a room full of people working on her!  Thankfully she came around, and we've been careful to keep her on Tylenol/Motrin since so her fever doesn't go up and trigger such awful seizures.  She's still requiring oxygen, although we are trying to wean her off of it now. 
Thankfully all her tests came back ok.  She had a chest x-ray, urine culture, RSV and flu test, and blood work.  All looked ok, except for some cloudiness in her lungs.  She also has an ear infection that we are treating with antibiotics.  She's getting chest physical therapy and nebulizer treatments as well to help her with the mucous and secretions. 

Chest PT and nebulizer treatment.
The doctor wants her off of oxygen before she comes home, which we hope will be in a couple of days at the most. 

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