Thursday, March 08, 2012

Waverly at 10 months

Sorry for my tardiness in this post!  Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks!  Our little girl is now 10 months old!  She remains a sweet and happy baby most of the time.  I have many more pictures to add that are on the camera but not yet loaded to the computer, but here are a few for the time being.  

While up at UVA for an EEG a couple of weeks ago, her feeding pump broke!  Thankfully, I had a syringe in her bag for such an occasion, and we had been increasing her feeding rate so that we could do a gravity feed if needed.  She handled it beautifully, and although we now still do mostly pump feeds during the day (now that the pump is fixed), it's nice to know we have the gravity feed option. 

 I also forgot her stroller at that appointment, so we improvised and used a wheelchair to put her infant seat on and pushed her all around the hospital in that.  Ghetto, but it worked!

 She is still so smiley especially in the mornings!  She loves to "talk" and coo as well.  She's very proud of all the new noises she can make, and likes to practice them. 

 She also got her second tooth this month, as you can see her showing off in this photo.  Such a big girl!
 A few other random facts:
-She weighs around 18 pounds.
-She mostly sleeps through the night, unless she decides she wants to party.  :)
-She sleeps in her own room.
-She still naps at random times and lengths throughout the day (no set schedule).
-She gets once a month speech therapy (for oral stimulation) and twice a month physical therapy.
-We are looking at various adaptive equipment to order and use in the home as she is starting to outgrow some of her baby items (like the swing, bouncy seat, baby bath tub, infant car seat, etc.).   Once we get everything ordered and in, I'll do a big post about our new "toys" for her. 

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