Monday, May 07, 2007

4 months old!

Kathryn was 4 months old this past Saturday! I didn't get around to taking her picture by herself till later in the evening, so in this first picture she looks quite sleepy. This was at the Noll's house...we stayed with them this weekend while we were in Harrisonburg celebrating Chris France's graduation (a post on that will come later!). Kathryn enjoyed playing with Noa (pics to come)...this is a picture of her enjoying some new toys...thanks for sharing, Noa!

We had Kathryn's 4 month checkup today at the doctor. She now weighs 14lbs 12oz (75%tile) and is 24 inches long (50%tile). Her head is in the 75%tile too. She's still quite a big girl! She got 4 shots again, and an oral vaccination. She cried harder than I've ever seen her cry with her shots, but only for about 1 minute. By the time we got to the car, she was smiling again. I think it wore her out, though, because she's been sleeping ever since we left.

Well, that's the baby update. More posts about the weekend will come!


JRob said...

SHE IS SOOOOO CUTE! I can't believe how big she has gotten. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating New Years. man o man! Praise God.

Lindsay said...

Happy 4 month Birthday Little K!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!