Saturday, May 26, 2007

a special visit

Nick has been staying with us this past week, and had to go home today. We were sad that he had to leave, but we had a great visit. We got to do lots of fun things like play with special friends, have tickle fights, make Kathryn laugh lots at Nick (we have a video we'll try to post when we figure out how to do that...), play at the park, learning our five senses, practicing counting to "twenty-ten" (aka thirty), and spend time with Johnny's family. Kathryn especially enjoye having her uncle here with her. He was a great entertainment for her...she loved watching him, smiling at all the silly things he'd do, and playing with him. We're so glad he could visit!!
We wore him out!!!!

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The Crabtrees said...

What a cute picture of Nicholas at the playground! What a sweet big sis to let him come and visit for a week! Thanks!!

Love you!