Wednesday, May 02, 2007

new sleeping habits

A couple of days ago, I let Kathryn sleep on her tummy for naptime (because she just wouldn't sleep any other way!). After getting a taste of how nice that was, she now flips herself over like this, not quite on her tummy but kind of on her side. I found her like this at naptime yesterday, and couldn't help but sneak in her room and snap some pictures. Notice she also found her thumb, and now sucks on it when she sleeps cute!

Also, because she sleeps better in this position, I think we're one step even closer to sleeping through the night. Last night I put her down at 9:30, went in to feed her one last time at 11:00 (which she just ate while she slept...quite a skill!), and then didn't wake up until 5:30 to eat again! Yay! I actually woke up by myself at 4:30 and had to get up and go check on her just to make sure she was ok. I can't wait to sleep a whole's coming soon!


Lindsay said...

Can you email me that second picture??!?!?!? You are ALMOST is May! We missed you last night at Famous A's! Maybe we'll get to see you guys at some point this weekend!!!

Gretchen said...

She is so adorable sleeping! I love when they move into their own positions for sleep. So cute!

steffie said...

awwww! So cute! and on my 17th birthday too! :) i can't wait until i'm old enough to raise a family (although i know my kids won't be NEAR as kyyyyyyyyuuuuuute as kathryn) glenn thinks that she's adorable. i know he'll be a good father. well, i miss you guys and hope to see you all very VERY soon!
i love you all!
-Stef <3333

Katie said...

Awww! She's gotten even more adorable since the last time (and first time!) I saw her a couple weeks ago! =) Most little kids are adorable, but she's just absolutely precious =) Hopefully you'll get your full night of sleep soon... I know that I'm not looking forward to a lack of sleep when I have kids (It'll be a while, still =)) but it'll all be worth it. Give that adorable little lady a hug and a kiss from me! Love you all!

katie k said...

she is soo cute..this picture is just precious!