Monday, November 05, 2007

10 months old!!!

Today marks Kathryn's 10 month birthday! So, of course, that merits a post on the blog and some cute pictures!
This picture was taken during a fall photo shoot session I had with her the other day. Believe it or not, it was taken in our front yard (and the tree that those leaves came from isn't even halfway bare yet!).
Some of what Kathryn's life now looks like:
-She crawls everywhere now! She's very inquisitive, and loves to explore all around the house. Her favorite things are trashcans, toilets, and dirty laundry. Noticing a trend? Lots of baths!!
-She continues to wave bye-bye, although has stopped saying it as much. Every once in a while she'll say it, usually when there's no one around, just to entertain herself. Most of the time she waves with both hands.
-She loves to praise God by lifting up one or both hands high into the air. Whenever we say, "Praise Him!" she'll do it right along with us. I remind her that if we don't praise Him, the rocks are gonna start singin'! "From the mouths (or hands) of little babes..."
-She's learned her first sign language sign. She'll sign "more" for when she wants more food (or just wants to eat in general). Even though she doesn't sign it perfectly, she's got the idea! It's so cool to see her be able to communicate her needs to us without having to cry to tell us something. We hope that she'll continue to pick up more signs (if we can be faithful to sign to her!).
-She sings and talks all the time now. She also will randomly laugh out loud. Her sounds (which she repeats over and over again, if you can imagine it) include ba, ga, da, ma, la, ya, bwa, and the newest, schlash!
-She's just started showing an acknowledgment of music, and will dance by rocking back and forth or bouncing up and down when she hears it.
-She now tries to blow kisses. It usually consists of her putting her fist up to her mouth, but it only sometimes makes the blowing kisses motion. Other times, she gets distracted by it being there and chews on it instead!
-She constantly says a sorta "huh" sound to us whenever we say something to her. She'll go back and forth with you saying it over and over again. I'm not sure if she's doing it just to make noise or if she's trying to communicate back. Either way, it's funny.
-Last month I had finally decided to release trying to breastfeed and let her have formula instead of pumped milk. She's done much better with the formula and with the bottles. Thanks for the prayers in that whole ordeal!

Finally, here's a video I took of her this morning while eating breakfast. In it you can see some of her latest tricks, including bye-bye, dancing, and signing more. Enjoy!


Lindsay said...

Aww happy birthday little K! I love you and miss you!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you when I get back!!! I've got a little present for ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JRob said...

This picture looks so professional! She is super cute! I love you two Sink gals!

Wes and Diana said...

hey, great picture! i am so excited that she is starting to sign. have you told joey! he will squeal with excitment!


Ryan and Lindsey said...

She is getting so big! And she is so beautiful! Thanks for posting the video its really great. Also, the photo you took of her is amazing!

La Familia Garcia said...

That pictures gonna have to go on our fridge! Love it! I'm gonna get some pics Saturday up as well. they turned out great!

La Familia Garcia said...
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The Spears said...

I love the fall photo!