Friday, November 30, 2007


Sorry for not updating for a while. Here are a few pictures from the last week or so.

My friend from high school, Chris Pecore, was able to stop by our house for a visit as he was traveling through with his family for the holidays. I was able to meet his beautiful wife and sweet baby girl. Here is Kathryn with Adrianna. Kathryn wanted so bad to attack her with hugs and was hard to keep her from smothering her!
Here is Kathryn sporting a cute dress from her Grammy.

And here she is in her new favorite position, standing. She is pulling up on anything and everything, and loves that she can reach about anything she wants now. The paci is crooked because she put it in herself. :)


The Crabtrees said...

That's Grammy's girl! It was so fun having you this past weekend. I got to feed you your bottle and sing you and rock you to sleep at naptime on Saturday. It was WONDERFUL. You are just as sweet as you look, even sweeter, and I miss you already. You look pretty in purple (and every other color) (Crispy..if you read this, your baby girl looks Pecore thru and thru!)

La Familia Garcia said...

She's so friendly! She's gonna have too many friends to keep up with when she grows up! Everyone wants to be your friend Kathryn!