Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sweet friends

The other weekend when Kathryn and I went to Bridgewater for the weekend, we got the special blessing of hanging out with the Garcia family. Brooke and I have been friends since middle school! She is such a dear friend to me, and God has blessed us with such a special relationship over the years. She is such an example to me of trusting in God in the midst of anything, and it's so cool how we've remained so close to this day! I praise God for such a sweet sister in the Lord! It's been neat to see how we've grown up and changed over the years, too, to now having families of our own. Here are a few pictures of our time at the park.

Angel, Brooke's husband, was taking the picture. But this is the rest of us, Caleb and Nick in the back, Alisia, me, Kathryn, and Brooke in the front.

Kathryn loves to be upside down!!!

P.S. Thanks, Brooke, for letting me steal the pics off of your blog! :)

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La Familia Garcia said...

Great pics! can't wait to hang out like that in Roanoke too one day! Hasta pronto!